Art reflects life. Transition, change, surrender, are what I aspire to through my creative expression. A form emerges from a mass of stone. There are no mistakes. When a fissure appears or a piece chips off, it becomes an opportunity to embrace a new direction. The properties of each stone tell it's own story which can't be denied. It has taught me to patiently listen and accept. In addition to stone, there is a beauty in working in clay or plaster, creating something from nothing and molding it into a visual image.

My sculpture often encompasses movement and evokes emotion. I like to tell a story through my pieces. At times, I have used it to express and embrace powerful events in our outer world that have impacted us within. The female form has always been a favorite subject of mine. With its grace and sensuality, I look for the unfolding of authentic female empowerment.

I consider my sculpture a gift, providing me with a means of expressing my passion for life. I feel totally fulfilled and at one when it is just me and my art form. It is my sanctuary, my inner renewal.